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The Smart Way To Buy and Sell Luxury Bags

Our Luxury Promise team have come up with some top tips to selling your luxury designer bags.

 Invest wisely

When you are buying a new luxury bag it is important to invest in the right brand, the brand effects the reselling value. If you purchase a brand like Prada or Balenciaga these brands have retail outlets that devalue the reselling value of their products. Seasonal and Limited Edition bags from these brands are also risky to invest in as they tend to be discounted in the end of season sales or are no longer popular therefore they will not hold their value. Brands such as Chanel, Hermès, Dior and Louis Vuitton do not have sales and they also raise the prices of their classic/iconic bags annually, which also creates a higher resell value for the brand and their classic bags, therefore they are likely to hold there value or sell for more.  Invest wisely.


 Protect your investments

When purchasing luxury products it is important to look after your investments and keep the original receipts and dustbags, this will ensure the highest value for reselling. Selling preowned designer goods with the original purchase receipt and dustbags makes the item more desirable for prospective clients looking to purchase. It is important to keep the item in the best condition possible in order to keep the items value, make sure to store your designer bags in dustbags and in the original box it came in. To ensure no colour change or sun damage store your designer bags out of direct sunlight and in the original packaging, also to avoid dye transfer avoid wearing light bags with jeans or dark colours. To hold the bags shape we encourage our clients to stuff their bags, you can make your own stuffing with tissue paper.


Sell in seasons

When looking to sell your items take in to consideration the fashion and seasons. Summer bags and styles  are less likely to sell in the winter as they are not practical and hard to wear during the winter season. Follow the trends and use them to your selling advantage. To get the best price for your designer bags, you must sell the item when it is still in fashion. Items that are considered out of style will not hold their value or resell for good prices. Don’t wait too long to sell your items…..


Picture perfect

Whilst selling your designer bags it is important to make your item more desirable for prospective buyers to ensure a swift and easy sell. Clients are most likely to buy items when there are lots of detailed pictures and different angles of the designer bag. Picture all the accessories that come with the bag like the receipt, box and dustbag. Picture any defects or marks very clearly in order to have a quick and easy sale, being honest will ensure there will be no problems selling your items for the price you have listed.

Descriptions are key

Clients looking to buy preloved luxury bags like to know as much information as possible. Note the measurements as sometimes it is not clear in photos the size of the item. Make sure to note any details of where the bag was made or purchased, and any details of authenticity like serial code or date stamp. This will ensure you don’t receive lots of questions or have any hesitant buyers.



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