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Top Chanel Runway Moments of the 90’s

As the 90’s is totally trending we thought we would give you are favourite Chanel runway moments from the 90’s.

Before Gigi, Kaia and Kendall there were the 90’s supermodels ruling the runway. The 90’s was the time when super models were at the height of fame, taking over the world. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen and Linda Evangelista were the icons of the era and house hold names. The world was obsessed with their every movement. There was only one place that you would definitely spot them altogether, The Chanel Show. Karl Lagerfeld always handpicks and selects his favourite girls to be the stars of the Chanel runway. The 90’s was an iconic era for Chanel, the Chanel style was micro skirts, the iconic Chanel interlocking CC logo’s enlarged and on everything from Bikini’s to beach towels, bright tweed coordinates, layered jewellery, chain belts and fun, playful designs. The 1990’s was the start of the Logomania trend that is 2018 hottest trend. As a show of appreciation to the original supermodels and 90’s style we have selected our favourite 90’s Chanel runway moments. We cannot believe how on-trend and current these designs still look!


Claudia Schiffer Spring/Summer 1996 – Logomania at its best with this Pink Chanel Velour Tracksuit.

Linda Evangelista for Chanel Fashion Show, Fall/Winter 1991

Helena Christensen for the Chanel Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 1992

Cindy Crawford pictured in the Chanel Spring/Summer Show 1994.

Naomi Campbell pictured in the Chanel ready-to-wear spring/summer 1995 show.

Claudia Schiffer Spring/Summer 1994

These Sunglasses from the Fall/Winter 1994 are to die for.

Kate Moss with pink hair for the Spring/Summer 1993

Spring /Summer 1996 Runway featured this totally on trend Logomania White and pink Crop top!
Claudia Schiffer in Chanel Fall 1993 Runway Show.
Naomi Campbell walking the runway for Spring/Summer 1994 in a bright blue Chanel bikini.
Claudia Schiffer wearing a diamante Chanel Bikini for Chanel Spring 1995 Collection.
Linda Evangelista pictured in Chanel’s ready-to-wear spring/summer 1995 runway.
Claudia Schiffer in Chanel spring/summer 1997 Runway collection.

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