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Go to  the Vendor Dashboard and click on Product Manager. Now click on the Add a product link.

Follow the form directions to fill in your product’s category, title, detailed description etc. Take 2 or more photos of your product against a white or a high-contrast background (if your product is light, a dark background is best) and upload them. The more the better. Submit the consignment form.

Again remember the more accurate and detailed you are with your product, including style, age and what comes with the product the more chance your product has of selling.

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Once your item has been verified and checked by our in-house pricer and authenticators your product will be listed.

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Sit back and relax while we sell your products to our growing audience. Once your product is sold, you send it to us via our prepaid delivery voucher.

You get paid

Once we have received your item and the item has been checked and authenticated and sent to your buyer,  you receive your payment.

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